Welcome to Shioya Lab, Toyo Univ.

As one of the world's super computing for large scale massively parallel computational mechanics laboratory, our group led by Professor Ryuji Shioya,Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts,Toyo University, investigate the analysis of computational mechanics applying on from SmartPhone to the supercomputer.

Development of a Numerical Library for Post Petascale Simulation (LexADV)

This project was carried out from 2011 to 2017 in the Basic Research Programs: CREST Development of System Software Technologies for post-Peta Scale High Performance Computing, conducted by JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency).
And as a joint research project with the SPPEXA project carried out in Europe, we are conducting joint research [DOI:10.1007/s00791-020-00323-4] with the EXASOLVERS team (leader: Professor Gabriel Wittum, Frankfurt University, Germany).


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Applied research in various fields by fusing AI (Artificial Intelligence) and simulation

Research and development of high-quality meat using amino acid metabolism regulatory signals and its global expansion.
Applied research on AI technology to enable stable production of high-quality meat (for example, marbled meat) that matches the tastes of consumers.
We propose using an artificial intelligence (AI) technique called multilayer perceptron (MLP) for the intelligent diagnosis of power transformer faults.
Fatty liver classification in chicken liver images based on CNN
MLP-NN for Power Transformer Dissolved Gas Analysis

Development of Smartphone and Web application

We are developing systems using web computing, network computing and smartphones. shihaku
Recognition for pressure points of Shiatsu
Face Recognition for Grouping
Novel Game for Dual Player
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Participating projects

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